It's time to bring out the inner artist in you...

Ever thought that your photos or drawings would make great pictures... if you could just get them on canvas? Now you can! Imagine your favourite photos -- of your honeymoon, wedding, vacations, children or pets -- professionally printed, mounted and hanging on your wall. They also make for a very unique gift!

What do you need?

We can work from a variety of file formats, including JPEG, TIFF and PNG; the higher the resolution, the larger your canvas can be without sacrificing clarity. We can even do a super high resolution scan from a physical photo, drawing, painting... just about any image you can come up with. Or select an image from our collection! Unsure about your photo format, but want it printed and mounted? Don’t sweat the details, let us do the work!

Here's what we do:

- Prepare for you a digital proof with at least two print versions to choose from (standard & enhanced)
- Print your image at the desired size in landscape or portrait orientation, on raw or finished canvas
- Frame your canvas with wood stretcher bars or behind glass on a traditional type frame

Customization is key:

We can provide a variety of additional options to you. We can print on ready-to-hang, lightweight foam board, poster paper or card. Both matte and gloss finishes are available for all prints. We can even help you customize your image -- from the simple, like an added caption or border, to the highly stylized, like simulated artistic techniques. Imagine that favourite photograph, made to look like a hand-painted watercolour!